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Green Heat: Outside Stoves

Green Heat: Outside StovesOutside stove with foot supportOutside stove with ceiling supportOutside stove with wall support

Green Heat is not only a revolutionary new heating system, is an ecological, healthy and efficient comfort, by which we transform the home, workplace, leisure, etc... the true source of emission of heat. "It's like having the sun at home"

It is a product of infrared emission of advanced technology that directly heats the matter and not an intermediate and the air, that this in turn heat the surrounding environment, preventing energy waste.

The area of the room going to be heated, regulated by a thermostat with a preset temperature, set between 20-23 ºC, once achieved in this thermostat, infrared transmitter plate and set off a period of thermodynamic equilibrium the two bodies coming, do not alter their location, tend to balance their temperatures.

In this way the different material components of the room begin to balance their temperatures emissions achieved through a consistent comfortable temperature 2 to 3 ºC between the two most distant points of the room.

Once in balance, stay becomes the heating element through the property of "thermal inertia" of matter, why, try to keep the heat received and slowly release, manage energy better and longer employed in a logical offset heat losses in the room, besides allowing the slowdown of such losses. Since the parameters are directly the infrared heat inside, removing humidity inside, which cause a wind chill colder inside homes.

Outside Stove

Once the system is in automatic mode, only active for short periods of time on and off thereafter to achieve permentente recorded temperature on the thermostat.

The air that fills the inside makes contact with no one source of heat causes the air flow as a stream from the coldest point of the stay to the heat source and from this immediately to the roof to lower its density when heated in that outbreak, but it comes in contact with all components of stay and are homogenized at the same temperature, robbing heat and not the other way as with traditional heating systems, making the air with a temperature between 2 and 4 º C below the room. The same homogenization causes an environment without air stratification.

Visualized with a simple example; imagine a sunny clear day in winter to 10 º C, in which we feel like walking and then a snack on the terrace. At first we are warm, but after a few minutes we started to strip of clothing to keep warm. Well, a cloud appears uncomfortable and we cover the sun, then feel cold and put on our coat; however, the air temperature is still 10 º C; is the infrared emission of the sun that produce heat hit us

Green Heat healthy benefits

Among the benefits is its bactericidal effect and natural emission of high concentration of negative ions without being connected to the mains, just for the sake of being placed in the room, allowing consumers to enjoy these benefits even in summer.

Their ionizing effect purifies the air, making it suitable for allergy sufferers; negating the positive ion environment and its harmful effects currently hosting our homes and workplaces provide an environment of welfare and health, and removing the burden of existing odors.

Infrared rays are responsible for another of the healthful benefits of this product. Increases blood flow, reduces stress, muscle fatigue and has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is commonly used to treat trauma.

Inside Stove

Savings in the installation and daily use

Once ready the installation, does not cost maintenance, cleaning or even because their properties are to be maintained in a totally hygienic. Noted that "the plates are suitable for use in both bathrooms and kitchens and in other moist areas of the house with total safety".

The savings range from 30% to 35% when matched to the heat pump, to 70% if it does the same with the oil boiler..

For more information please consult the web estufas-exterior.com.

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